Lone Star Brass Works Dual Pedestal Tub
  For the Discriminating Designer  




           Lone Star Brass Works Dual Pedestal Tubs                               

A lovely new addition to our collection of     bathtubs, these Lone Star Brass Works tubs offer   excellent quality for just the right price.You'll love the creamy porcelain interior finish and their overall good looks.  We carry three different sizes to fit any need.            

                 PEDESTAL TUBS!


 LBDP61  61"Dual Pedestal  $1895.00         

LBDP66  66"Dual Pedestal  $1995.00         


  • Cast-iron porcelain enamel bathtub, dual-ended,on cast-iron pedestal.
  • Custom exterior color is available.
  • Faucet holes on rim, 7 " center.
  • Dimensions for 61" tub-- 61"Lx31"Wx24"H.
                         66" tub-- 66"Lx31"Wx24"H.
  • Water depth to overflow is 13 1/2 ".
  • 61" weight is 340 lbs, 510 lbs crated.
  • 66" weight is 355 lbs, 525 lbs crated.


This is our latest addition and our new favorite---a 71" dual -ended slipper pedestal tub. The lines are so graceful and the size is just right for a good soak.

LSDSP71     71" Dual Slipper Pedestal      $ 2195.00

  • Cast-iron porcelain enamel bathtub, in dual-ended slipper pedestal style                                                                    
  • Custom exterior color available                                                               
  • Faucet holes on rim, 7" center