What's New!

Wow---have we been busy collecting great new things to add to our already excellent product line!  I'm putting in the new pages for all our new products as quickly as I can, so check back often. 

Let me mention a few of the things you might find interesting:

---two coffin tubs---rustic and perfect for the Western-style bathroom

---Eagle's Claw toilet paper holder---one of our newest additions to our Eagle Claw line

---the world's smallest and deepest slipper tub---a Clawfoot Bathtub Warehouse       exclusive!


---a charming porcelain farmer's sink for the kitchen




Click here for the details on our rustic coffin tub in teak and stainless steel


   CLICK HERE to see the details of our exclusive 54" baby slipper---the world's smallest and deepest slipper bathtub!



          Porcelain Farmer's Sink--call for details